Yarn Tragedy

My rumba ate my yarn! Oh yes, it did! Now I know this yarn is gorgeous but I never expected to walk into my living room and see my yarn from one end of the living room to the other.

What tipped me off was my rumba was talking to me saying the wheel needed to be cleared and it was turning off. Usually, I hear a loud noise or see the item sticking out….I had to turn it over to find this mess. I just took one look at it and left the room. I was in no mood to untangle this hot mess.

I hope I can get it off in one piece and not have to cut it into tiny pieces to get unstuck. 🙁

What stories can you tell about your yarn getting stuck into something? How did you handle it? I will deal with this in the morning. For now, it shall remain as is.

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Have a wonderful week wherever you are.


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