Wine of the Month for May 2020 & Show Notes

Tonight on our Youtube channel I did the wine of the month tasting. I chose a red Itailian Dry Red Wine. It was a 13% alcohol by volume. While it did have a fruity taste to it because it was a dry wine it left a sour or bitter after taste to it which I did not find pleasing to my palette. I am more of a sweet red wine drinker. The name of the wine was called, DagaJolo Toscano pronounced Doga-Yolo. It is a tuscan wine made in Italy and is paired well with pasta dishes as well as pizza. It is a red table wine. Very dark red in color almost looks black in wine glass. I added 7-Up to my wine to give it a little sweetness. I think the rest of the bottle I will add to my pasta sauce and cook with it as opposed to drinking it. While it was not a new favorite wine I would still probably buy it again and have a meal with it.

I also shared my artwork purchase I made from an artist named Mobbii. I saw his art hanging in the Red Robbin eatery in Buffalo NY and I just had to have his art. I usually am not very good at locating the art but this time I lucked out. I found his work at Society6 which supports artists and gives them a venue to sell their work. All the artists get 100% of their sales. Definitely go and check this site out, they have everything from home decor to paintings and pottery. The prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend them. I will leave the link below.

I also learned about a new subscription box this week for making purses and garments through Mister Domestics website. He has partnered up with a company called, Cool Stitches. If you use the promo code MisterDomestic you will receive 50% off your first subscription box. I will leave the links below.

I was also searching Youtube this week for new channels that I could watch that were not on my normal watch list and I came up with some pretty cool channels I will link them below so you can check them out for yourself and see if they interest you.


Cool Stitches:

Use code: MisterDomestic for 50% off first box

Bags Totes Organizers $42.00

J. Sterns Designs Your Wardrobe $37.00

Love to a Sew $34.00

Love to Sew Annual $408.00

Bags Etc. Annual $420.00

Sewing Starter Kit & Cool Mini Project $99.00

Fashion Starter Kit $79.00

YT Channels I found:

Willie Smith

Jess Okla Roots

Simona Crochet

The Wip Window with Rochelle

Bonnie Bay’s Crochet

Nana’s Crafty Home, Tonya Bush

May you be healthy and well this week,

“Where crochet, sewing, and wine give you that warm fuzzy feeling…stitch by stitch..” have a great week everybody. See you soon!

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