What to get that crafty gal or guy of yours for Christmas?

Here are a few things I can recommend for you.

1. Yarn Crush, has advent calendar Crochet and Knit along for 25 day Advent Calendar. Each day you open a bag of hand dyed yarn and follow along on the pattern. Https://www.yarncrush.com

2. Leither Company also has a Crochet and Knit Along Advent Calendar that you open a yarn bag each day it also comes with a project bag and hook or needles depending on what you choose. Find this at Https://.www.Etsy.com at Leither Co.

3. Most of us who do crafts like to drink coffee or tea while we work s another great gift is at TJ MAXX it is a box of teas by Touch Organic. It come in a box like a calendar and each day you open a new tea for the 25 days till Christmas.

4. Stitch Markers, these help us find the end where we last crocheted or knitted. You can find them on Etsy.com also any local yarn shop in your area.

5. Hand Lotion, Our hands get dry as we crochet and knit so any crafter would love lotion. Another great idea for lotion is to put a little bit of it onto your crochet hook it will help the yarn to glide better especially if you have a yarn that has a drag to it.

6. Ear Buds for phone, These come in handy when listening to YouTube or playing our favorite music while we make our creations.

7. Crochet or Knitting Journals, We love these so that we can write down notes and ideas. Many places such as Amazon.com and Etsy.com carry these.

I hope these little tips help you find that perfect gift for your crafty person. Enjoy!

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