Tutorial How to Edge a Blanket

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Have you ever wanted to make a quick and fast blanket in a hour or so?

I have the perfect solution for you. I recently did a video tutorial on how to do just that using a throw blanket from Walmart for $3.50

You can also use any type of fleece or flannel or cotton fabric you already have on hand and cut to size you need. Then use your rotary cutter with the skip stitch blade and make your holes in fabric and crochet into them like in the vide below.

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Follow along here in this video: https://youtu.be/bSJL6ARnFi0

Once you crochet your foundation row in single crochet you can use any other stitch on the next rounds.

A really good book for edgings in Crochet Edgings and Trims by Kate Haxell. She has over 150 Stitches you can use to edge any blanket. I use this book all the time. I hope you like it as well.

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