If you missed it we had a blast last Thursday night on June 10, 2020. What a great night. So many were interacting in the chat and I was laughing at the comments and my viewers were laughing with me. Great fun was had by all. Make sure to watch my Youtube channel every Thursday night at 9 pm EST till 10 pm EST. Every week is a different topic. Link to Live:

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Excellent Book and Easy Read

The Queen V by Jackie Walters MD.

In this book, Jackie shares her story of being a two-time breast cancer survivor as well as being a doctor, celebrity, and wife.

Not only is this book funny, sad, educational it is an easy read. I could not put the book down. I found myself reading in bed with a neck light on so as not to wake the hubby.

I asked hubby if he knew a few things that were mentioned in the book and he was like yes and I was like I didn’t know this stuff and I am a 56-year-old woman.

This book should be read by every girl, mother, aunt, old and young. It is so important to be educated and know what to ask at your OB/GYN even if you are already in menopause and beyond.

Make sure to buy an extra book for a friend or family member because you will not want to share your copy.

Have a wonderful week and please share out this blog and the video on Youtube. Make sure to pick up your copy of The Queen V, you won’t be disappointed. I promise!



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