Thursday Night Live Topic was, What is Trending in 2020?

We talked about what we thought was trending in 2020 and what we actually liked the twas trending.

The internet claims that for 2020 in the yarn community these items are trending right now.

  1. Headbands– Personally, I think headbands will always be a trend as they are functional and practical for all hair lengths.
  2. Skinny Scarves– This was a 50/50 divide. Some people in the live thought they were trending and some thought it was not trending this year so I feel like maybe this one is a regional thing. I have not seen any skinny scarves here in New York. Back a few years ago the sashay scarves were all the rage here but I do not see anyone wearing them here now.
  3. Top-Down Tunics- I do agree with this one. My YouTube Live chat group said they have been making these types of tops. I have not made one yet as I am a fluffy girl and feel like this style just makes me look larger than I am. I need to hide my fluffiness not attract to it.
  4. Farmhouse Decor/Plaids/Cables/Baskets-I agree with this one as Yarnspirations and Daisy Farm Crafts all put-out baskets and blankets with plaid themed or cable texture themed blankets and baskets this year. Even in the craft stores, we saw farmhouse style decor. I think this trend will continue to grow through the fall and into spring.
  5. Pom Poms- Yes I would agree this has trended this year in crochet and even into macrame wall hangings as well as in-office supplies where pom poms are on paperclips. I also saw a lot of pom-poms in garland this year too.
  6. Mosaic Crochet- Ths is true. Many designers put out patterns for mosaic crochet blankets, baskets, scarves, and tops. Mochila purses were also very popular again this year.
  7. The most popular yarn weight was DK and Worsted weight. Yay! I love DK weight yarn, finally, we get our props. The reason I think this has become so popular is that the Baby Boomer generation is getting older and our hands are getting arthritic, we need less weight in our hands. Also with tops and shawls, you can get a nice drape in this weight of yarn. Worsted weight will always be trendy. I believe it is the most well-stocked yarn on the store shelves. Pretty much everyone uses this weight yarn for just about everything.
  8. Crochet Dresses- We have seen a lot of brides making dresses for their wedding day this year. I am not sure if that is due to the stores and malls being closed due to the virus or if this is going to be a trend even next year. While women have been making wedding gowns for years this year crocheted one really seemed to be all over the internet. Also, crochet short dresses were pretty well noticed too.
  9. Crochet Pants/Shorts- I saw a resurgence of the 80’s themed clothing this year which I think transferred over into the crochet pants and shorts. I saw lots of granny square pants and shorts. A Canadian friend of mine made some granny pants and did an amazing job check out Lisa’s Crochet on Youtube:
  10. Bags-Not sure if this was because a lot of states were doing away with plastic bags like my state of New York or if everyone is just naturally being environmentally aware. It could also go back to the trend of the throwback to the 80’s that happened this year too. I love making bags because I showcase my creativity and also use the item I made. I like showing off what I made however with that said JoAnn’s had some crochet market bags that went on sale for $5.99 and I bought a lot of them because I knew I could not make if for that cheap. Patterns for bags here:

The Top Three Trending Yarns for 2020 Are:

  1. Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo, ( Best for Best) and Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry (Best for Buck)- hands down I thin this yarn will always remain on top at it is affordable and lasts forever. I have seen blankets from 40 plus years ago still look new using this yarn. It will be around forever.
  2. Mira Handcrafts 40 Colors Assorted Acrylic yarn, can be found on amazon here: Great selection of colors and great for amigurumi.
  3. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Big Ball- this is a favorite of moms everywhere for their children and grandmothers love it too for stuffed animals and blankets too. This is another yarn that will never go out of style because of its warmth and versatility and coziness. It’s a great yarn to cuddle and snuggle with. Baby items to Crochet:

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