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This week has been an amazing week. I was able to get out the package to Tricia Swift from the ” Momma Swift”, Youtube Channel. Here is her channel link:, She was the Grand Prize winner of the #ChristmasInJulyFairies. Congratulations on winning the grand prize! She received my prize package this Saturday and has not opened it just yet. I am so excited for her to open my prize. She will be receiving over 150 prizes from all the Christmas In July Fairies who participated in the event. The mailman was happy that she was getting all this mail because it is giving him job security. This was so much fun to be a participant with other Youtube channels, I have met a lot of content creators that I had never heard of. So much fun for everyone.

Also this week we had another donation come for our veterans, this came in from a viewer by the name of Karen Y. She sent a message with her donation as follows,

” Hi, Rosalie! I would like to make a donation in my father’s memory. He was a Vietnam veteran and during the last couple years of his life was in and out of the VA hospital due to various health problems. It would mean a lot to me for you to use this donation to shop for whatever items you need on your list for the residents of the Buffalo VA. Keep up the great work! Take care-Karen Y.”

She sent her donation to my PayPal account which was so easy to do so that I could shop and get the items I needed for our veterans. If you would like to make a donation you too can send it to PayPal at

Or if you would like to send socks, soduko, word searches, adult coloring books, walker bags, lapghans, battery operated tea lights, wall decorations, letters, and cards, you can mail them to me at: Yarn It Out, P.O.Box 64, Lakewood NY 14750

I am accepting donations all year long. We are also in need of 7 inch Christmas Stockings from Amazon for our Christmas Stockings event to our veterans. We need 200 stockings and items to stuff into them such as (hard candies, pens, cards, etc.) for us to bring up the week before Christmas, for their party. Any other stocking stuffer items are very much appreciated we have both men and woman on the nursing home ward who live there year-round.

Here is the link to the video of me showing what I purchased at my local Dollar Tree for our veterans.

Dollar Tree

Thanks so much, Karen for your donation it means a lot to me and our veterans. Big hugs! We Salute our veterans both past and present.

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