The Wine of The Month April 2020

This months wine comes from Argentina, from the Lost Vineyards, in Rochester New York. I did not realize this wine was local to New York but the wine is imported from Argentina. It is a mixed blend wine. It is very dark in color and almost looks black in color. It is made with 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.

It gives off a very fruity smell that is pleasing to the nose. It has a 13% alcohol per volume. After tasting the wine I found it to be very dry and I am a sweet wine lover. After adding some Canada Dry Ginger Ale, to add some sweetness, I found it to set better on my palate. I think this wine would be great with a pasta dish or cheese and crackers or as an after dinner wine. While I only drank one glass of wine after about an hour I did start to feel its relaxing effects.

Would I purchase this wine again? Yes, which is shockingly surprising to me. While it is dryer than I like, I did enjoy the flavor of it. This wine does contain sulfites however if you take it with an antihistamine before hand you should do well and not get a headache from it. I definitely recommend eating along with it as it is quite strong.

Red Dry wine

I am not paid to sell this wine, I do not get a commission for promoting it. The wine was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. Please drink responsibly and in USA you must be 21 and over. Cheers!

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