September Wine of The Month

This month the featured wine is called, Rock Candy by Noble Winery in Western New York.

The color is a light pink rose’ color. It is very fruity and sweet but still a little on the dry side. It does contain sulfites so take an antihistamine beforehand if you are allergic. I only drank one glass while filming my live and in the morning I had a headache. So that either means I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking wine or the sulfites got to me.

This wine is great with dessert or chocolates especially cheesecake. I would not drink this with a meat dish or pasta as it is very sweet. It contains 11% alcohol by volume. I like the name of if and I have thought about trying it with pop rocks candy. You know, the one you used to eat as kids and it makes those popping sound in your mouth? Or maybe try it with some cotton candy too. So many possibilities. If you try this wine let me know what you ate with it.

Noble Winery is located at 8630 Hardscrabble Rd. Westfield NY 14787 their website is

Hours of operation is: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

Phone: 716-3226-9465


They have outdoor tables and chairs where you can see views of Lake Erie and watch amazing sunsets.They also allow pets outside as long as they are friendly. Inside they have tables as well as a tasting bar and plenty of gifts to purchase to remember your visit.

*Note: I am not sponsored by this winery and I do not get any kickbacks for promoting them all opinions are my own.*



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