On Location in Ohio

This week I met up with Lynette, From Charmed Grammy Crochet at: https://youtu.be/_vXqcbUSiec

If you have not seen her YouTube channel please use link above:

Lynette and I had a great afternoon learning about each others day jobs. I have never met someone in her career field before so it was fascinating for me to learn about what she does in real life. While we didn’t get any crochet done because we were chatting so much I definitely see future meet ups with her. Having other YouTube celebrities near by is great because we can share what we have learned and help each other with information that can be helpful. Lynette and I talked about so many things both YouTube related and life related. It was a great escape and good to get out of the house. Definitely go check out her channel and tell her Rosalie from Yarn It Out sent you.

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