New Addition to the Family

Well as you all know if you watch my Youtube channel that I am a dog lover and I have been searching the world over to add to my empty nest. Once the kids moved out it got pretty lonely and quiet here….

We first found Roxie the Goldendoodle, she is such a sweetheart and a great addition ….

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10 weeks old-Roxie

Then we found her a sister…a cavapoo also 10 weeks old only three days apart in age.

I am currently working on making many crate blankets for each of them and possibly some doggie sweaters. Depends on our winter this year. Last year we barely had any snow so I feel like this year will be the one that really is the year of the blizzards. If the hurricane season is any reflection on the weather this year.

We still have not figured out a name for the cavapoo yet. I need to decide as training her is underway. The Goldendoodles is a fast learner. She is very smart. Still trying to see how smart the cavapoo is .

They both do great for rides in the car so that is a plus. We have taken them on two road trips and no complaints from the back. No accidents either. 🙂

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I will be writing up the patterns soon for doggie crate blankets that I am designing, so that if you have a fur baby, you can join along in the fun.

See you soon on my Youtube channel here:

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