Mission Accomplished!

We delivered the donated items to the Buffalo VA Hospital on Sept. 1, 2020

Thanks to all our donors who helped make this possible. With every donation that came in my husband and I matched it. We were able to deliver over 50 soduko and adult coloring books, word puzzles. We gave 10 puzzles, over 60 pairs of socks, over 100 bookmarks, 24 Wall stickers, 50 faux plants, 50 led rose tea lights to use as night lights. Hard candies were included with the bookmarks.

The social worker was so giddy to receive the items. He said with the pandemic they had not been getting any donations in almost a year so they were in dire need of these items. He also made me aware that they serve two nursing homes not just the one I originally knew about and they also have a clothing closet for homeless veterans to get clothes and items from. They serve 200+ veterans weekly.

He said they need lapghans desperately and zip down hoodies, pajamas that either zip or button in front. Also, need new undergarments for female homeless woman bras and panties all sizes and for men as well need undergarments. Socks are always in high demand and now that winter is approaching hats, gloves, scarves, etc. Also in need of bags for the homeless to carry toiletries and clothing in.

If you can help out with any of these items please send them to: Yarn It Out, PO Box 64, Lakewood NY 14750 if you do not want to ship items then you can donate by sending me a PayPal donation at Https://www.paypal.me/yarnitout In the title tell me what you would like me to purchase and I will purchase and deliver to the Buffalo VA Hospital. I can currently deliver once a week up there. Make sure to include your name and address so I can send you a thank you note.

Special thanks to:

Lynette S.


Sandy D.

Tammy C.

Cynthia O.

Sylvia O.

Adele R.


Andrea G.

Teresa P.

I will continue to collect donations all year long. I also need 200+ 7 inch Christmas stockings for our Christmas Stockings this year if you can help with that also we are gearing up for Christmas. I have 50 stockings from last year so need 150 more but if you can help with donations of hard candies and stockings stuffers that would be amazing. We appreciate all of you, and we salute our veterans both past and present. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible you brightened so many veteran’s lives this week you have no idea.

From my home to yours, have a wonderful week friends,


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