Meet Up: Dana and Dually from Danas Wanderlust Crochet

I met up with Dana and Dually in Canton Ohio and we had a blast together. Of course Dually was on his best behavior watching his momma from the front seat of Dana’s truck.

We went yarn shopping at the usual places such as Michaels store and Joann’s, Walmart, Marcs is a local grocery chain. JoAnn’s was so busy on black Friday shopping we had to wait quite awhile before we could get a shopping cart. Before we made it into the store a local woman was asking me about my Volkswagen beetle. Its a 2019 Last Edition model I told her. She said she wanted one too. She asked me if she could take pictures of it and I said sure. She kept feeling up my crocheted cowl too. We thought that was it, but while waiting in JoAnn’s she reappeared and told me so took lots of pictures of my car. She then continued to fondle my cowl again.

We finally found the yarn isle and began our quest to buy yarn. I bought more than Dana but she had made purchases the day before with her other meet up.

They had Caron Cotton cakes at $10.99 but since my store isn’t carrying them until the spring, I seized the day. When I got to register it rang up for $4.97 as it was a door buster. Lucky me cause none of the coupons I had were working. I was not gonna pay $10.99 per ball. So for $50.00 I scored! Yay!

After shopping we talked shopped and told stories about the crazy things people post on our videos. We also talked about a few subscribers that we need to be aware of. Possibly some are trolls. We laughed and had lunch which by the way, Truck Stop food is awesome! Dana had chicken fried steak and soup and I had pot roast with soup. Yummo! We laughed and laughed and were almost the last people to leave. We even did a Live Stream in the truck stop. Check it out here…

I hope she comes back this way soon we had a blast. I never laughed so hard in my life. Happy Trails Dana and Dually. Love you both.

Rosalie & Dana
Dana & Dually
Dana Shopping
Danas Truck
Great selection of yarn

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