Leither Co. Box for July

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What an amazing box came in this month. The theme is “Tropical Collection”.

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Pineapples are a symbol of welcome in a home.
I love the stitch markers and the crochet hook. The yarn looks like a tropical fruit punch.

The pattern for this month is a Tropical Market Bag and a Tropical Cowl. She also has a code to enter to watch 11 crochet lessons to make the patterns if you should need help with the patterns.

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What a refreshing box as we hit record high heat this week here in New York. To be honest, I have not been outside much this weekend. I had plans to go blueberry picking but stayed indoors to be out of the heat. This pattern came just at the right time. Why not enjoy the tropical heat from the comfort of a chair and air conditioning.

If you want to pick up a Leither box of your own you can find them here at https://wwwLeitherCo Store.com

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I do not get any kick backs or compensation for recommending them this is my own opinion and review.

I hope you stay cool and safe this week and enjoy your creativity and make something wonderful. Leave a photo on my Facebook page as to what you are making at Yarn It Out Stitch Social.

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2 thoughts on “Leither Co. Box for July”

  1. Love the Leither yarn, hook, and stitch marker! Some day I hope to be able to subscribe again. Have too many going right now.

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