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Pouch for TV Remotes My own design.

I used left over yarn to create this pouch for my TV remotes so they wouldn’t get lost in my bed. How many times have you been goosed your remotes? Be honest.

Basically to make this pattern you need to make a chain a little wider than your remote and join to create a circle with a slip stitch. Then single crochet around and slip stitch when you reach the end of your round. This will be done in continuous rounds. Chain three does count as first double crochet stitch. Continue in rounds in double crochet until your tube is taller than your remote.

Once you have done that you will want to make a round in single crochet and slip stitch at end of that round like you did in the double crochets. Next we will work the scallop edging. In first stitch crochet 5 double crochet then skip one , repeat stitch and single crochet in next, then skip one stitch and make 5 double crochet again and skip one stitch and single crochet. Repeat around till end slip stitch to fasten off.

Next you will make a chain long enough to be weaved into the the back of the single crochets on inside of bag, then bring you tails out through one of the scallops and tie ends together to make a loop. to cinch your bag. To close up the bottom of the bad you will need a darning needle and scrap piece of yarn. Turn bag inside out and make a running stitch through stitches and pull tight and fasten off. Bag is now closed and ready to use. Any yarn will work for this project.

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I hope you enjoyed this pattern.

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