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Every month I will do a wine tasting and let you know if I recommend it or not.

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I have been crocheting and sewing for over 43 years. I inspire people to find their creative voice. I am an expert at having boo boo’s in my projects and I show you how I fudged it to make it look right. I rarely (“frog=rip out stitches”) in my projects, whether it be sewing or crochet. I like my mistakes it gives character to my projects. I will frog if there are holes that need closing up. I encourage my students to think outside the box no matter what project they are working on. Make it your own. Be proud of what you create.

My business is unique in that I am not a Pattern Designer but I do want to try to design a crochet pattern and a sewing pattern one day. I use paid and free patterns just like you. The difference is that if something is sewed I try to think if I can crochet it and if something is crocheted I try to make a sewing version. I like versatile items using mixed media. I like thinking outside the box and trying new things. Another reason why my business is unique is that along with reviewing products and blogging and doing all the normal social media things, I do wine tastings and give my review on the wine of the month via You Tube. I have not seen any blogger or celebrity recommend a wine of the month. That is what makes my business stand out among the competition. I combine arts, crafts, sewing, tutorials and wine. It is, ” Where crochet, sewing, wine give you that warm fuzzy feeling…stitch by stitch.” By Rosalie Wright

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