Welcome to my blog and website. I will be having a Launch Party on my You Tube channel. Follow along at my, Yarn It Out channel. Lets celebrate creativity and a new beginning. Look for me on August 24, 2019 between 10am and 5pm. I will post a video somewhere in that time frame, it will be a surprise. I will be having a giveaway so follow the directions in the video to have a chance to win some goodies. I look forward to seeing you.

Please make sure to follow me here and on my other social media platforms. You can find me at Facebook, YouTube, Instagram at Yarn It Out and don’t forget to subscribe to the business page on Facebook as well as join in the, Yarn It Out Stitch Social page. You will want to follow both because they compliment each other. One will post updates to blog posts here on this website and the Stitch Social is a page where we can all Show and Tell what were are making and cheer each other on as to any progress made. No matter what platform you visit I ask as a courtesy to please like, comment, share, subscribe, email, follow. It means so much to have comments, shares and likes. It lets me know that you appreciate what I do and allows me to grow my business. Thanks in advance.

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