Have you lost your crojo?

How many times after the holidays when you have been crochet like a crazy person have you lost your crojo? Making gifts for friends, family, craft fairs, does it drain you of your creativity and love of crocheting?

You are not alone. Many of us who crochet to make a little cash on the side for craft fairs or friends seem to get lost in the process. What once was a joy becomes a job.

How do we keep our sanity during out frantic crochet seasons and gift giving time? Ever need to rush on getting out a baby layette because the baby came before their due date? While it is very stressful to get things done in a short amount of time don’t worry we have all been there.

I always think I have enough time to get my projects finished on time. When it comes down to the last hour that it needs to be done I am madly crocheting like a well oiled machine.

Things you need to consider is that what damage are you doing to your hands? Are they cramping up because you have overworked them to get those items finished? Can you ask for an extension on the deadline for needing to be done? Did you over commit?

Sometimes saying no can be of great value. We take on too much and cannot deliver in the time allowed. Sometimes we just get bored of doing the same old patterns over and over again. Sometimes life just seems to get in the way and kick our butts.

So what we do we do so that we can enjoy crocheting again.

  1. Breathe, step back and take a moment for yourself.
  2. Do something not crochet related that brings you joy.
  3. Try learning a new craft you have never done before.
  4. Try out a new yarn you have never used before.
  5. Ask for help from a friend who also crochets.
  6. Don’t emotionally beat yourself up for losing your crojo.

Take the time off that you need to regroup, for some that may mean one day for others that can be more than a year off. However long you need until you feel that urge to crochet again is just fine. Don’t let doubt, guilt get the best of you. You got this!

In time you will get the joy back and your love for crochet. Just imagine all the items you will be making again.

So when your ready pick up those crochet hooks and send me pictures of what you created on our Facebook page, Yarn It Out Stitch Social, I cannot wait to see what you have created.


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