Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2020

I hope you caught my live last night on You Tube. If not I will share here with you what happened. I tired to dress up in my finest green T-Shirt that said Lucky and I wore a glitter green beret with a glittery green stick on mustache and a dark green infinity scarf with shamrocks on it. In my glass was Martini Rossi Asti that I added green food coloring to and as each person came into the live chat I took a sip of the champagne.

I show cased a book review to add some inspiration to spring crochet the book is called, Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers 35 projects using floral motifs by Niki Trench. I purchased my book from Bookoutlet.com. I am not an affiliated of BookOutlet.com and I do not get paid for my book reviews all the views on my video and blogposts are solely my personal opinions.

I also did a pattern review on a pattern I found this week online. It is free shawl pattern called Flower Triangle Shawl Scarf and it can be found online at nanascraftyhome.com. I love the technique she uses to attach flowers onto the shawl without having to attach them by sewing. So if your looking for a no sew option to adding flowers onto your shawls this is the pattern for you. If you need a video tutorial for it check out You Tuber, Tonya Bush. She did a great job with the tutorial.

Also another great You Tube video for attaching granny squares together without having to sew them individually is called, the Zig Zag Slip Stitch Method. Check out You Tuber, Lyza Walters for the video demonstrating that stitch. quite amazing and quick and easy to do and it gives those granny squares some pizazz.

We have some new affiliates we have added to our Affialte page, please welcome Blick Art Materials Creative Lie, Blueprint, Annie’s Crochet and Knit Club Kits. Check out the links on our affiliate page and see if there is a craft or class you would like to try. Annie’s does have free videos on You Tube as well as BluePrint and Creative Live so your under no obligations make a purchase of a class or project but if you do chose to make a purchase from these links I will make a small commission and I thank you in advance.

On You Tube please check out Blue Ribbon Crochet Studio, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPcRMKsSBx2i5HYDy8dxxw, Denise has almost reached her 1k milestone so if you do not have her please pick her up and leave her a comment. Also please check out Mad Mimi Crochet and Farming, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYk2a5xc0kgXDtsnxlmK4fA, Laura is also close to her 1k. Her channel just hatched a brood of chickens and ducks it was very educational and great for kids of all ages to watch the brood hatch. so check out these two great channels and tell them that Yarn It Out sent you.

Please stay healthy friends, wash your hands and face and practice good social distancing when your out and about.

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