Happy Mail for May Yay!

What came in the mail you ask? I will show you here.

I paid with this box with my own money I am not affiliated with this company I do not make a commission for promoting this box.

I love this 100% pure Pima Cotton yarn. The yarn is hand-dyed. The colorway is called, Blooming Flowers. The hook is a size D made of wood. Stitch markers are little flowers and flower pots. If you want to purchase a subscription box they have a cotton box of hand-dyed yarn a Merino wool that is hand-dyed. You can purchase extras hanks of yarn to be added to your box and each box comes wrapped in tissue paper and the hooks come in several choices. So if your into getting a box every month check them out here at: www.LeitherCo.com

You can also find their Facebook group at: www.facebook.com/groups/LeitherCoCommunity

Also if you follow Setta’s Place on Youtube: Setta’s Place or at her blog: www.settasplace.com, she was kind enough to think of me and send me some Happy Mail too.

Pure Peppermint Tea from Twinings, Ajiri Tea is an Kenyan Black Tea with Lemon Myrtle
It says Be-You-tiful
Box from Setta

I love my gifts and I was so surprised! Thank you Setta for sending me Happy Mail all the way from Wasilla, Alaska. Love everything and the tea candy was a real treat. I will have to get me some more of the tea candy. Receiving Happy Mail really does feel like medicine for the soul and makes you feel loved. It lets you know that you are loved and cared for.

Another Happy mail package came in the mail from one of my viewers who crochets. Her name is Teresa, from North Carolina. Most YouTubers, who have channels like me call her, “Sweet Tea”, as she has the biggest heart and is a very loyal viewer. Her crocheted items are just so professionally made and also made with love. Here is a photo of what she sent me. She left the flowers so I can place where I want them on the hat. I just love the design and colors. Thank you so much Sweet Tea, hugs.

Crocheted hat from Teresa, a faithful viewer.

Be thankful for friends both near and far and for those care packages of love. Thank you Setta and Teresa you both made my day and I am so grateful to call you friends.

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