Flowers for Veteran’s on Mother’s Day, and Fathers Day

*FTC Disclaimer if you should happen to make a purchase from Dollar Tree from my affiliate lists or on this page where Dollar Tree Link words are highlighted in blue, I will make a small commission which helps support my website and YouTube channel thanks in advance.*

Flowers made by Tammy Cook for our Veterans Mother’s Day Challenge
Stars made by Tammy Cook for our Veterans Mother’s Day, Fathers Day Challenge

My YouTube challenge to my viewers is, to create any kind of flower, pin, book mark, or any item they would like to contribute to give to woman on Mother’s Day and Items to give to father’s for Father’s Day. This is what one of our viewers Tammy Cook came up with. The flowers have little safety pins on the back so they can attach to their gowns or to their walker bags. Tammy was the first person to enter the challenge. Thank you so much for your donation. I’m sure these flowers and stars will brighten their day. I look forward to the other entries that are on the way.

Here are some items I bought from the Dollar Tree online website:

Boxes to put trinket and Candy inside from Dollar Tree
Faux Cactus Plants from Dollar Tree
Adult Coloring Books from Dollar Tree
Flower Led Lights that glow. From Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Link: FTC Disclaimer if you click on the word Dollar Tree link in blue words and make a purchase from this link I will make a small commission as I am one of their affiliate’s. Thank you in advance as this helps keep my website and You Tube channel going.

If you would like to help, you can send donations of:

crocheted, sewed, knitted or paper flowers, plastic flowers from Dollar Tree


hard candies

sudoku books

crossword books

word searches

adult coloring books




or whatever small items you would give to your mother or father for these holidays. The max bed count on the Nursing Home ward is 200 beds. If we exceed that number for this event we will keep any leftovers to add to the Christmas Stockings for Veterans and add them to the stockings. Also if you would like to have children draw pictures for them and ad to the items that would be awesome. If you would like to send a card or letter please send that too. Every little bit to help brighten a veteran in the nursing home goes such a long way to help with the boredom and passing of time. It is nice for them to get happy mail. Thank you for your donation in advance.

Send Donations to: Yarn It Out, PO Box 64, Lakewood NY 14750

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