Extension to get Donations in for Mothers Day and Fathers Day for our Veterans

As you already know, the quarantine has effected a lot of services and the way that we do things. I contacted the Buffalo VA Hospital to arrange for delivery of our Flowers and items for Mothers Day and Fathers Day challenge for our Yarn It Out Youtube channel challenge and was told that due to the Governor of New York not reopening the hospital we have to wait. So the next targeted date will be May 15th, 2020, however; should they still be closed that gives us more time to create and save up the donations for June. Please continue to send in your donations to the address, Yarn It Out, PO Box 64, Lakewood NY 14750

We greatly appreciate any and all donations of sewn or crochet or knitted or paper flowers and pins. We also need adult coloring books, puzzles, soduko, cross word puzzles, magazines. Any plastic cactus or flowers from Dollar Tree to decorate their room or those sun catchers would be great to make their nursing home more comfortable. Right now they have 200 residents on the nursing home ward. Due to Corona Virus they are not allowed any visitors. So we think we have it hard in quarantine but they have it much worse. Imagine looking out from the Ninth Floor and seeing downtown Buffalo at a stand still with no public transit running or taxi cabs the streets are vacant. This makes for an even more islolating feeling as well as the clinics with in the Hospital are all shut down so they are the only ones there.

I want to thank Lynette from Charmed Grammy Crochet for her donation of patriotic pins and for Tammy Cook who donated yarn for a giveaway. I truly appreciate all the donations and help. From the bottom of my heart I cherish each and everyone of you. I will keep you posted as to when we will be delivering to the men and woman who have served our country so valiantly. Please include a letter, card or picture that kids can make as our veterans love happy mail too.

Hugs to all, Rosalie

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