Creamsicle HagStitch Lapghan Pattern with Tutorial

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Yay! I did it! I finally accomplished my goal of creating a pattern and also a chart to go along with it. I even posted a Youtube video on how to make it.

The Yarn Hag Ryan, a channel on Youtube put out a challenge for everyone to make an item using the new stitch she created that she calls “The Hag Stitch”. If you have never heard of it before it uses the 3rd Front Loop Half Double Crochet, also known as the ” Camel Stitch”. She wanted to duplicate a squishy soft textured crochet stitch similar to what she found in her newest knitting adventures. Hence with the Back Loop Double crochet + 3rd Front Loop Half Double Crochet = ” The Hag Stitch”. A new stitch is born.

I contacted Ryan and asked her if she had a symbol for the new stitch to use in a chart and she said no. She was not aware of any symbol for that 3rd Front Loop Half Double Crochet Stitch. I searched and searched the internet and could not find anything. I reached out to Tamera Kelley from the Moggly channel since she had done the ” Camel Stitch” before and she reassured me she had never seen a symbol for it either.

I also contacted Mikey, from The Crochet Crowd, he said he down;t know and gave me a suggestion as well and said I may have to create one.

I spoke with Ryan and we went back and forth trying to come up with a symbol and after an all day of brainstorming I finally came up with one.

I went to work and created a Lapghan for my husband who is wheelchair-bound. During the winter months, people who use wheelchairs need to cover up their legs to keep warm. I used Bernat Blanket Baby yarn a six weight yarn (Bulky). I used a K hook from Furls Oddessey my favorite hooks.

Tips: When working the “Hag Stitch” , You need to crochet loosely. Since I am a tight crocheter I can tell you from experience to use a larger hook than your yarn suggests, as getting into that 3rd from Loop in the Half Double crochet can be challenging at times if you do not keep a loose tension.

Creamsicle Hag Stitch Lapghan

Here are the pattern and Charts for you to use for personal usage only. This pattern may not be sold. If you make an item please credit where you found the pattern. You may sell items from this pattern after items are made again on tags refer to my pattern and website as the original maker. Pattern Below:

Yarn It Out: Video tutorial Link:

Creamscicle Hag Stitch Lapghan

Designed by: Rosalie Wright

What you will need:

Super Bulky Yarn: 6 Weight

3 skeins Bernat Baby Blanket 100g/3.05 oz, Baby Peach

2 skeins Bernat Baby Blanket 100 g/3.05oz, Vintage White 

Crochet Hook: Size K(6.5mm) or next size up

Stitch Markers with large opening 

Darning Needle


Gauge: Not important as this stitch is stretchable and you need to keep loose tension. If you crochet tightly go up a crochet hook. Loose stitches will aid in comfort of crocheting with Super Bulky yarn.

  • Note: This blanket was based off the, “Hag Stitch” created by Ryan Goldberg from YouTube channel, The Yarn Hag Ryan.
  • The Chart, was designed by me and I created the symbol for the “ Front 3rd loop half double crochet” as seen in the stitch guide.

(This pattern can be made as long or as wide as needed for any size. Just chain enough chains and end on odd number, Every row starts and ends with a HDC.)

Creamsicle Lapghan Measures: 33in. Wide x 28in. High

I used, Furls Oddessey hook size K

Special Stitches:

Ch= Chain

HDC= Half Double Crochet

3rd FLOHDC= 3rd Loop Front Half Double Crochet

DC= Double Crochet

BLODC= Back Loop Double Crochet

*= Repeat till end

Note: Ch1 never counts as stitch in pattern)

Foundation Row:

Ch 39, HDC in first stitch and across. Turn.

Row 2: Ch1, HDC in first stitch,BLOHDC, *3rd FLOHDC, BLOHDC*,Repeat to last stitch, HDC. Turn.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2

Row 4: Ch1,HDC, 3rd FLOHDC,*BLOHDC, 3rd FLOHDC,* Repeat till last stitch, HDC. Turn.

Row 5: Repeat Row 4

Row 6: Repeat Row 2-4 till desired size.

Border: Change Color to Vintage White or your preferred color.

Round 1: Ch3,(This counts as DC in rest of pattern- you will start crocheting in the round). Dc in each stitch around blanket. At corner put 3Dc each corner and continue till you slip stitch into first Ch3. 

Round 2:Ch3,Dc each stitch around with 6DC in each corner. Slip stitch into first ch3.

Round 3: Repeat Round 2, fasten off and weave in ends.

Chart Here:


You can find a video tutorial here at my Youtube Channel:

Yarn It Out:

Enlarged view
View of Border

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of this pattern.

Happy Crocheting!


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