Corona Virus

Well I didn’t want to have to address this on a blog post but it is the elephant in the room.

Here in the USA we are now seeing the effects and spread of this highly contagious virus. Most states have closed down public events and concerts, universities and most work places are taking extra precaution and allowing some of the workers to work from home.

This outbreak, is something we in our lifetime have never seen. While we urge everyone to wash their hands and step up cleanliness at the workplace and at home, it boggles the mind that anyone in our circle of friends could be suffering from this virus. Please keep calm everyone and adjust your lifestyle as needed to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

For appropriate information contact your local governments websites for updates and protocols.What might be happening in one area or country may not be right for where you live so it is best to get your information for your local community.

For those of us who crochet or sew if you have been told to stay confined to your home and not travel now would be the time to start a large project and keep your mind off of things. If the kids are told not to go to school and your stuck home with a bunch of kids, get them involved in crochet or sewing or other crafts to keep them occupied as well.

Now is a good time to do spring cleaning….Get those indoor windows washed. De-stash your yarn or craft room. Take inventory of your craft supplies. Reorganize your book shelf. Do you have items to donate to the library or thrift shop start sorting and when you able to get out after the virus has passed you will be ready to take items to the library or thrift store for donating. Go through your patterns are there some that are your favorites. Is there a pattern that you originally thought was awesome but its been sitting for years and you never made it yet? Why not? Is it worth keeping it? Pass it on to someone who can use it if your not going to make it in the next 12 months. De- cluttering can bring so much happiness to your creative space and having everything organized settles the mind.

So while this time may seem unsettling by keeping busy indoors and accomplishing your spring cleaning and organizing this will help you to pass the time and accomplish a lot of things on your to do list. Have you replaced those batteries in your smoke detector yet? What about cleaning out that oven or fireplace? Get to it, you have no excuse now that we are all being asked to stay indoors now that we are all social distancing.

And if you have done everything on your list hop on over to my You Tube channel, at Yarn It Out, or my Facebook page called, Yarn It Out Stitch Social. Watch some videos and socialize on Facebook. See you there!

Wash your hands and be healthy everyone this too shall pass.

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