Christmas Stockings For Veterans

What a great out pouring and generosity of my YouTube followers who donated candy and Christmas stockings. My husband and I also contributed with a combined total of 200 Christmas stockings and over 60 pounds of candy was used. We needed a wagon to carry all of the stockings to the Buffalo VA Medical Center in Buffalo New York.

When we dropped off the stockings to the Volunteer Services department the ladies who took the donations were so surprised. I was grateful that we had estimated just enough to supply the 133 men and woman on the Nursing Home ward with some to spare. They told us they would hand out the stockings at the Christmas Party on the ward.

What a privilege to give back to our military at this special time of year. Bringing cheer and a little bit of sweet candy treats to their day. It filled my heart that I was able with the help of my YouTube family and hubby to create a special day in many peoples lives. The best part is that we got to play Santa Claus. I even dressed up with a Santa hat. My husband got a little emotional when we dropped off the stockings, you see he is veteran himself and knows a thing or two of being in the hospital during holidays.

It was an amazing day and my heart was filled with joy. We plan on making this an annual event. So be ready for next year when we ask for 7 inch stockings and hard candies to be sent to our post office box. We salute all our veterans both past and present. We love you all.

Buffalo VA Medical Center
Volunteer Services Rep. Accepting Donations
Donations of 200 Stockings
Me bringing wagon of donations to the Buffalo VA Medical Center

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