My Approach

To be an all inclusive company where it doesn’t matter what art or craft you enjoy all are welcome to come here to learn, to grow, and to be inspired.

My Story

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I felt that it was finally time for me to have my own business and create a legacy. I have been doing this business my whole life. I just never realized it. I was in the performing arts world as a child being classically trained as Opera Singer in high school. I loved being on stage in musicals, choir, and in marching band. As I have matured, those skills are obsolete now. I have been a Guest Speaker to dozens of non profit organizations. I have been a Past President of Toastmasters clubs, past Co-President of a Knitting Guild and I don’t knit. How funny is that? I taught beginner crochet to Job Corp students both men and woman. I have also taught crochet to PFC Dwyer Pros a group of men and woman veterans of our Armed Forces and their spouses. I enjoy teaching, public speaking and have found a new outlet called You Tube, where I can talk, teach, and be on a larger stage.

Rosalie Wright

Meet the Team

I am the Sole proprietor of this company. I am the team, it is a one woman run business.