20 Questions Video

As some of you know there was supposed to be a gathering in Ontario for Stitch Fest this April 18, 2020. The event was cancelled due to all this Corona Virus stuff going on.

Well April 18, 2020 also was my 20th Wedding Anniversary so my husband and I thought it would be fun to do a video and ask each other 20 questions. We did a road trip live and answered the questions on the way to UnderDog BBQ in Erie PA. at 3040 West Lake Road. Here is a link to the video, enjoy as we crack ourselves up.

Road Trip: Live

Also we bought T-shirts from UnderDog BBQ for our viewers and I will be giving away 2 t-shirts that are autographed by Cowboy Mike and Dan. Here is the link to my foodie review.

T- Shirt Giveaway and Foodie Review

I hope you have some fun watching these videos I really enjoyed making them. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and share the video to your social media.

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